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Discounts and Promotions for flights to Maldives [Updated Jan. 18, 2021]

 Discounts and deals for flights to Maldives

💰 Here are the latest deals for flights to Maldives that we've found:

We update this page daily and currently there are 0 flights to Maldives, that cost significantly lower than yearly average for those routes.

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Route Departure Return Price
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There are deals for flights to Maldives for:

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Promotions and sales for flights to Maldives

Sorry, we are not aware of any promotions for flights to Maldives running now :-(

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💸 How to find cheap flights to Maldives?

1. Check deals

Error fares, last-minute deals and flash-sales are the best ways to save on flights to Maldives: both humans and pricing algorithms make mistakes, that we can benefit from. Yet those are not the only ways to save. Sometimes airlines offer promocodes and Maldives may be one of the valid destinations. We keep track of promo codes on this page, but you can also check the airline website yourself.

2. Book early

Plan your trip to Maldives well in advance. Remember the periods when plane tickets are cheapest to buy:

  • a year before your planned trip;
  • 2-3 months before departure (for lowcosters in particular);
  • a few days before departure (for charters and for large airlines in low season).

Counting on the latter option is always risky, so it is suitable only for the bravest.

3. Avoid peak times

Often the difference of just one day gives an impressive discount. The cheapest days for departure to Maldives are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tickets for the weekend or Monday are usually much more expensive.

4. Try to find a promocode

Once you've found your dream offer, try to find a promocode for selected airline. We're publishing fresh promocodes on airlines' pages on our website, but you can well go and check airline's website yourself.

5. Look for free add-ons

Many savvy travellers know that sometimes airlines offer discounts for add-ons such as extra luggage, meals on board or even extra space seats! It's not easy to catch them, so you're lucky if you do!

6. Shop around

When scouting for cheap flights to Maldives, comparing prices on multiple sites is a must! This can reveal previously undiscovered available seats or other equally suitable flights to Maldives which may include indirect flights at a substantial reduction in price.

7. Give cashback sites a try

Whatever deal you're using, check out cashback services like TopCashback, who will offer you extra cashback on your booking. What you can get back vary on your destination and whether you're booking just a flight or a hotel too, but it is free money anyway.

How to find low cost flights?

Sure thing, use our website! We're scanning flights metasearch and airlines' websites 24/7 for bargain deals for both lowcosters like as well as . If you need a more powerful search engine with bells and whistles — we'd recommend Skyscanner.

How to book cheap hotels?

As we don't provide hotels deals ourselves (yet), we'd recommend HotelTonight to shop for last-minute deals for good old hotels and AirBNB for booking something fancier.

How to save on travel insurance?

Insurance is really important! Don't squeeze out every penny from it by sacrificing coverage or by dealing with a shady company. We'd recommend to look for an insurance from a credible company on WorldNomads.

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